Upcoming Puppet Dojo

18:00 GMT

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Our next 4 day evening dojo will be run in London during December. We appreciate that ninjas often also have day jobs and want to give you the opportunity to attend a course that is more convenient and stealthy. This way, we won't cost you a day's wages, holiday time or the element of surprise.

What makes us

We strongly believe that in today’s fast moving devops world, you should be learning skills that you can apply immediately in battle. It is all well and good to know loads of separate technologies, but it’s even better if you can put them together to reap the combined ninja benefits.

We strive to guide you on the path to enlightenment, where you will be able to take technologies and integrate them into one seamless technology stack. Each of our dojos can be taken as a stand-alone course, although your ninja skills will benefit even more using our combos!

Enlighten Me
  • Partnering with M4 in the public sector

While you're down here - let us teach you some Japanese! This is how you write 'Dojo' for all wannabee ninjas...